2016 General Election

2016 General Election

  • Voters take to the polls in North Naples 

  • Alexandra Glorioso reporting from precinct 479: 
    Rick and Lori Fernandez are both 58 and of Naples. Lori was in travel and Rick was in Internet marketing. Both are retired, both registered Republicans.
    Lori voted for Trump and Rick wrote in Mott Romney, saying, "In the presidential election, you are voting for the person you think would make the best president, and I think Romney would make a better president than either of two candidates." 
    Both said yes on Amendment 1: Lori: "I thought it was people's right to do that. Open up the market." 
    Both said yes on Amendment 2: Lori Fernandez: "For some people for chronic pain, they need medical marijuana." 
    Rick Fernandez: "There have been a lot of studies done that show there are valid reasons for medical marijuana."
  • Alexandra Glorioso reporting from precinct 479: 
    Nick Tatum, 36, of Naples and a registered Republican, on why he voted 'no' on Amendment 1:
    "I believe it's the right of the people to choose what they want to do with solar power...I don't believe it's the right of big companies to be in control of it."
  • Alexandra Glorioso reporting from precinct 479: 
    Micaela Acers, 37, of Naples and a registered Republican:
    What inspires her to vote today: "Not much inspiration this election to tell you the truth. I guess it's the lesser of two evils if I'm being totally honest."
  • Alexandra Glorioso reporting from precinct 479:
    Rita Crisp, 50, of Naples and a registered Democrat: 
    He voted for Hillary Clinton and said, "And I'm proud of it." 
    Why she split her ticket: "I've lived here forever, and I've just seen a lot of good stuff come out of (Rubio). I've watched the other stuff closer, but with the Senate, you have to see what they've done in the past."
  • Alexandra Glorioso reporting from precinct 479:
    Tom Terry, 68, of Naples and a registered Republican:
    He voted for Hillary, saying, "The man's crazy. He's been successful in bringing reality TV into the national political spectrum, and I resent it."
    He voted for Patrick Murphy, saying, "I saw Rubio on the national debate, and he exposed enough characteristics I'm not attuned to."
    He voted 'yes' on Amendment 2 and 'no' on Amendment 1, saying, "Anything the Koch brothers are for, I'm against."
  • Joseph Cranney reporting from precinct 475:  
    Kimberly Alvord voted Trump and wore a pink button on her shirt that read "Women for Trump."
    She said her vote was "gender neutral." 
    "I voted for (Trump) because I think he is going to be the best for our country," she said. 
  • Eric Staats reporting from precinct 322: 
    Among all the Trump fans and Hillary supporters, Lauren Odor walked into VFW Post 7721 and voted for Libertarian Gary Johnson.

    She said she couldn't bring herself to vote for either of the other two.

    She doesn't believe Trump and doesn't like his behavior; she doesn't agree with Clinton on the issues.

    "Even though I know he won't win, I feel better voting for him than for anyone else," Odor, 30, said. 
  • Collier voters defend their election decisions 

  • Trump supporter Joe Cleary in North Naples 

  • Lisa Conley reporting from precinct 193: 
    (Left to right) Marco Island residents Dale Danek Downey, Jimmy Downey and Yvette Benarroch show support for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump outside of precinct 193 on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 8. The trio have been visiting various places around the island and said most of the feedback they've received have been positive.
  • Alexi Cardona reporting from precinct 591: 
    Beverly Alens, 24, of Golden Gate Estates, cast her vote for Hillary Clinton. 

    "She didn't really earn my vote. I'm just voting against Trump."

    Alens said her family is from El Salvador and that she disagrees with Trump's stance on immigration. 
  • Trump supporters turn out at Naples rally 

  • Naples residents vote in presidential election 

  • Brett Murphy reporting from precinct 205: 
    Voters wandered into the polling station around lunchtime at the Community Congregational Church on U.S. 41. Several stopped by the farmers market in the parking lot on their way to cast a ballot, a boon to the merchants selling crafts, barbeque and artisanal jewelry. "It's been great for us," said Linda Miller of Florida Honey Farms. 

    It was a slow stream of people Monday afternoon, some taciturn about their political choices, others more outspoken. 

    "I truly believe she's a criminal," said Drew Stamm, 28, of North Naples. He said he harbors plenty of "lefty views," such as his liberal stance on medicinal marijuana. "But we can't have somebody with blood on their hands run the country."

    Another voter, who asked not to be named, said she'd very much like to see a woman win the presidency -- just not Clinton. "If she was Margaret Thatcher, it'd be wonderful," the voter said. "But Clinton is truly corrupt."
  • Patrick Riley reporting from precinct 242: 

    Joani Kikkert, a realtor who cast her vote for Donald Trump at the Village Walk Community Center Tuesday around noon, said she "couldn't possibly vote Democrat."

    "I feel she (Hillary Clinton) actually does belong incarcerated," Kikkert said. "I think of those that have done nothing compared to her and are in jail. And I just feel she's head of a crime family, just like the mafia."

    Kikkert, who lives at Village Walk, said she prays Trump gets elected. 

    She said the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act — financial reform legislation passed in 2010 in response to the Great Recession — needs to be eliminated. 

    "Getting rid of the Frank-Dodd (sic) that will affect real estate, banking, it will affect so much," she said. "That Frank-Dodd was a rotten deal."

    Kikkert would also like to see the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, reversed. 

    "I'm not having a problem, but I feel so bad for all these families," she said. "And they talk about the premiums, but it's the deductibles. They're monstrous." 

    Kikkert said she is hopeful Trump will win.

    "I think we're going to be close to a landslide," she said.

    Even though many at her office voted early, Kikkert said she enjoys voting on Election Day.

    "It's just exciting," she said. "It's my day."

  • Alexi Cardona reporting from precinct 593: 
    Ave Maria resident did not vote for a president. She said she had to go with her conscience this election. 

    "I can't vote for either. My conscience said both candidates are terrible people."
  • Alex Glorioso reporting from precinct 462:
    Richard Levy, 70, retired from First Deputy Commissioner of NYC Probation. He's not sure if he's Republican or Independent. Moved here five years from Manhattan. 
    "The best of two evils, they're horrible. You've got a retread and a lunatic.You know, I tell you, I remember when Ronald Reagan got elected. I was amazed. I said the guy's an actor. How is he president? Well, he's better than these two turkeys."
    "This is one of those elections where people are ashamed of who they voted for. These are losers."
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